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    Good Morning Everyone


    Hi I’ve written a new book of short stories titled Short Stories for the Long Haul. I made sure to use several genres including Humor, Sci-fi, Horror, as well as Fantasy and Crime fiction. It’s an eclectic collection of 10 short stories. In the review by Kevin Cannon on Reedsy he wrote,” So, ten stories that make up a fun collection and all have their own merits. Some are funny, some make you think and others allow you to lose yourself in the sheer banality of the situation. If you find one that doesn’t hit the spot then they’ll be another one along in a few minutes that will. This is the kind of collection that you can dip in and out of, or just read cover to cover. I’m sure there will be some that you’ll want to return to in due course.”

    Short Stories for the Long Haul sample Chapter 9

    The Riverdale Three

    Hi I’m Agnes Finchberg formally Ace Lip of the punk band Jawbreaker. I’m a 5th degree black belt who knows how to party. I’m 97 years old but I don’t look a day over 91. I am currently a resident at the glorious Riverdale Crest retirement home. I’m sleeping at the moment but soon the orderly Funk McTavishbutt will rudely wake me up. I can hear him singing a Pearl Jam song poorly as he struts down the hall. Funk and his younger brother Skunk run the place, Skunk being the dumber of the two. He usually smells of piss and wad and trips himself a lot, a real winner folks.

    “Wake up, Agnes! Did you piss yourself again?” asked Funk in the only tone he knows condescending. He’s 5’5” inches of dork and only got this job because his father owns the place. Quite frankly no one else would hire him.

    “Hey, Funkfinger, you still wearing stink as a cologne?” I asked as bright and friendly as I could. Poor old Funk I just once would like to impale him and watch him bleed.

  • Reviews

    Very informative and engaging! Tons of information that I didn't know before. I’ll be looking at the author's other books.

    Brigitte Overbay

    Kevin Cannon review excerpt,” Short Stories for the Long Haul is a deliciously eclectic collection that spans a diverse number of genre and themes.

    The stories range in quality as is only natural for a short story collection and those that appeal to one reader may be different to somebody else. These range from mildly interesting at one end to the truly excellent at the other.

    The collection kicks off with a futuristic search for a serial killer in “The Billiard Ball Killer” which sees two detectives being given the runaround by a cunning perp.

    Next up is “The Life and Glory of Corporal Kenny Radler” which is a humorous tale of a quarterback with a completely unorthodox style who goes from nowhere to the SuperBowl and all because of a bet with a friend.”

  • About the Author

    Hi I’m a writer from Maine through and through. I grew up in Presque Isle Maine and later moved to Portland. I love the people and the slower pace of life. For a writer inspiration is where you find it. There is a magic here. I’ve been writing for 14 years and the books have piled up as the days did fade. I love sports, movies, books and news. I also love the outdoors and cheeseburgers.

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